Men are more or less all the same: they all want to fuck my wife. It's the story of my life. When that happened, everything came crumbling down! What becomes of me when an intruder violates my turf? What do I do?


To me, saying “I love you” is a way to fix everything. It's a way to buy some time, magical thinking if you will.


People get together on the basis of affinities, shared interests and chemistry... but mostly it's the chemistry.


Men Do Not Want Children

Men do not want children, just... sex! This is probably one of the most shocking statements
of the last century concerning the real identity of human males. Yet, isn't it true that men are
fundamentally addicted to gratification and orgasms? Aren't children a hindrance to their
dream of conquest and to their freedom? Homo sapiens chase after prestige, power and money, but to what end? ls the goal — the hidden agenda —to mount the maximum number of females and finally reach the pinnacle of their sexuality, just to dominate and control?

What do children come into the equation? Besides locking the couple in the family cage
and ensuring the survival of the species, can reproduction be a tool used to correct karma?
Or do we simply seek to control our entire territory, in other words, to own our partner’?
Does desire and seduction really raise us to the heights of true love?

Author : Patrice Berthiaume
Translated from French by Magenta Baribeau